Investment in Columbia, through Colombian simplified joint stock company

If you wish to work in Columbia tax haven, while protecting your investments, all you need to do is to open a Columbian company: in fact, foreign companies cannot work in the country. Up to now open a company in Colombia was very difficult, nowadays it’s very simple: Columbia, in fact, is the first Latin American country to have introduced simplified joint stock companies, a judicial person that allows to work easily for its organization and flexible functioning. In a Columbian company, the shareholder/s can adopt an individualized statute and tailored organizations and model for company decisions.

Such a company is very advantageous for those who want to make investments in the country and abroad. By subscribing a private document, then, you can establish your company, thus being able to reduce your costs and modify your statute, unless the capital is under the form of a property. In this case, the company must be constituted with a public act. In all cases, the company promotors have a limited responsibility to the injected capital- also for eventual debts.

Local as well as foreign entrepreneurs, by constituting a Columbian company, can take advantages arising from anonymous companies, even though anonymity is not provided for shareholders, that instead can benefit from a flexible and personalizable statute. Anyway, the country does not allow any branches or representation of companies.

Here following, we list the main characteristics of simplified joint stock companies:

  • Anonymous company type
  • Commercial purpose
  • Capital company type
  • Personalizable contract
  • Responsibility of shareholders for their own actions and decisions
  • Flexible management structure as well as capital
  • Easy incorporation procedures
  • Prohibition of company exchange quotation
  • Audit not required.

The cost for incorporation amounts to 2.000 €

The cost includes also a Columbian legal representative, general power of attorney for the company’s owner, costs of Chamber of Commerce Register as well as tax code.