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offshore company in Wyoming (USA)
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Are you a company or something?
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Open an offshore company in Wyoming.


——— 01

BSD Company, supported by the legal-economic division, is pleased to announce the exclusive use of a new offshore state where to Incorporate companies: Wyoming.
Wyoming is one of the 50 American Atates bordering Montana to the north, South Dakota and Nebraska to the east, Colorado to the south and Utah and Idaho to the west. To be clear, it is the state where Yellowstone park is located. The choice of a state so far from economic / commercial routes is linked to the following reasons:


  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Certificate of Good standing
  • LLC membership certifcate
  • Current account
  • IBAN debit card issued to the company
  • Sim phone anonymous

02 ———

Wyoming State provides:

  • No ONLINE list other than the company data list
  • No tax revenue department
  • No list of members or administrators
  • No search databases based on company members’ names
  • Real and legally protected privacy and resource protection
  • No corporation tax
  • No personal income tax
  • No franchise fees
  • Low annual renewal costs
  • No share certificates are required
  • No commercial license costs
  • No obligation on accounting records and / or keeping of accounting books

——— 03

Wyoming offers you privacy
and legitimate asset protection.
Wyoming, Delaware or Nevada have zero taxation, the difference is about the Privacy, the two most famous states Delaware and Nevada have an obligation to have the register (shareholders and administrators) public and easily accessible, Wyoming protects privacy by not having a public registry.

Shares of companies incorporated in the state of Wyoming may be bearer.

In Wyoming, your privacy is real. The state disputes the IRS (the government agency charged with collecting taxes within the tax system of the United States of America).

04 ———

Unlike other offshore countries, Wyoming offers legitimate privacy and asset protection.
The state of Wyoming protects the right to privacy by using restrictive regulations that were deliberately created without evading the regulations of the confederation of American states.

The Wyoming registry office does not disclose information online and the release of personal data, in Wyoming, for example, tax or tax evasion offenses are not punished because they are not considered.

You can form a Wyoming company without listing Bearer Shares or Directors, in a fully legal manner.

These are the reasons that led BSD to prefer this jurisdiction. Our consultants will be able to explain the advantages in detail.

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