Are you interested in new opportunities to start business ventures in a new country? You should consider to open an offshore company in the likely markets of the Latin America developing countries, where there are appealing conditions to work under the banner of convenience and simplicity.

From this point of view, to find out how to invest in Brazil could reveal a good chance to start a new life, trying to establish in this jurisdiction your company, in a market that over the next few years will grow up ever more, becoming with the passing of time a true promise land. Surely, it’s not a simple and immediate choice to leave for south American country to start a new project, especially in reason of the fact that often there is a great confusion about the legal obligations in force in these countries, or also, it’s not always easy to find reliable intermediaries in order to open an offshore company correctly.

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Anyway, Brazil is a tax haven inserted in the white lists, according to its adherence to international standard norms proposed by OCSE, and this aspect could notably facilitate the trade, thus overcoming complex bureaucracy of black list countries. In order to fully realize how to invest in Brazil correctly, avoiding to make majority (or also equal) shareholdings out to Brazilian shareholders, or even with fulfillment of complex and unnecessary corporate statutes, it’s useful to rely on experts that know very well the typical norms of this South American country.

The capital of a Brazilian company can be often entirely paid by foreign shareholders, thus retaining its full control, despite the eventual existing limitations imposed by the law in some sectors, that must be known in depth to avoid spending money wrongly, without any real benefit for your work. In many cases, for example, a sociedade limitada could be a sufficient choice to lay the foundations for your business development in this south American country, letting it grow in a liberal way, with no legal restrictions, by limiting your own responsibility to the sole share capital injection of your company.

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Are you willing to find out how to open an offshore company in Brazil in the best productive way? Contact our collaborators, asking for specific information about your plans for business development.