Main characteristics

Kind of companyLimited joint-stock partnership
Legislation and authority“Gibraltar Companies Ordinance 1930” is the authority responsible for Gibraltar companies
Information about company directorsCompany Directors’names are listed in the public registers. For privacy it’s possible to name third parties
PrivacyFull privacy guaranteed
Accounting dutiesOne-year compulsory tax return and bookkeeping
TaxationSince 1st  of January 2011 there is rate of 10% applied on the profits
Standard CurrencyGBP
Time of constitutionQuick and reliable registry office
StabilityStable and well-known jurisdiction
CommunicationsGood means of communications
Time zoneGMT+1.
Secretary obligationsyes, it’s required
Legal system of referenceCommon Law.
Capital to payminimum capital to pay amounts to100 £.
Minimum number of directors/shareholdersAt least 1 director/shareholder
Shares to the bearerShare to the bearer not allowed
CostsTariffs:  € 1900 for company constitution – € 1450 for the following years(renewal fee), with the exclusion  of bookkeeping and taxes