The anonymous credit card we’ll provide you will not be absolutely associated with your account and will cost you € 300,00: the cost includes also international courier, Digi pass, and e-banking access details.


As for Visa anonymous credit cards, not even they will be associated with your bank account nor consequently referable to your person. BSD is able to provide you with an anonymous credit card with the nominee, to avoid your name appears. In this way, you can line up with the international laws in force that require the name to be indicated above the cards. In this case, we’ll submit you a trust agreement to sign and you’re supposed to pay a fee of 350 € per year.

The advantages of credit cards:

  • Online Banking
  • Reserved account holder
  • 100% legal
  • Wire transfers allowed
  • Withdrawal at ATMs
  • Purchases as a debit card
  • Exhibition of personal document not required
  • Rechargeable