Are you thinking of moving to another country to start a new entrepreneurial activity, and begin with a new business? You could consider the opportunity of opening a company in Slovenia, both for its geographical closeness and its belongingness to the European Union. Open a company in Slovenia is the best way to get new growth opportunities for your business, also for the jurisdiction of this tax haven that makes available the possibility to have an European VAT number for any commercial relations and exchanges with other EU countries with no obstacles.
The country, then, renders available a flexible and convenient system to work, with lower tax rates than other countries, as well as facilitations of the company Law.

come aprire una società all'estero

There are many kinds of companies provided by Slovenian jurisdiction to start new competitive businesses, e.g. traditional capital companies, limited liability responsibility company, joint stock company, individual enterprises, general partnership. Slovenia has the lowest ordinary taxation of the whole European continent, with an ordinary tax rate of 20%, and in some cases, it can be even reduced up to 8,5%.

Thanks to the many conventions against double imposition agreed with many countries, as well as for the tax advantages, the choice of opening a company in Slovenia is surely advantageous to work with an on-shore jurisdiction. Most important is to understand the main purpose of relocation, as well as your will of looking for different jurisdictions in order to work more competitively. Thus, you need to ask for a punctual consultation.

come aprire un conto corrente estero anonimo

Are you willing to be aware of the advantages of a Slovenian company, if compared to other tax havens’ jurisdictions?
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