Open an offshore account in Switzerland (banks in Canton Ticino)

Should you need an offshore account for your company, why not to choose one of the many Canton Ticino’s banks?

Swiss banks are well inserted in the world financial context and ensure high quality services. To open an account in Switzerland is not a complex operation and offers many advantages. However, you’d better be introduced by an expert. Then, there is specific due diligence adopted in such banks required to be known. In the list of Swiss banks you find many convenient credit institutions, both national and international, e.g. the bank of Canton Ticino in Lugano or UBS bank.

aprire un conto corrente in Svizzera

The opening of an offshore account in Switzerland is highly requested. It’s very advantageous to secure your savings and to gain by the relation between opening fees and interests. Thus, it could represent a good investment.

Obviously, you’re required to comply with the legislation in force and declare your Swiss current account in the tax return. Opening an offshore account in Switzerland is fully legal, just need to be of age and provide an identity document at the time of opening. Swiss banking institutions carry out cognitive interviews with the new potential customers, in order to verify the accuracy and reliability of provided information.

Among the many advantages offered by swiss current accounts you find: a minimal and accessible fee of deposit, advanced services as e-banking. An online offshore account in Switzerland has low costs or even at zero.

However, it remains very difficult to open an online bank account in Switzerland to non-residents.

The opening of a Swiss offshore account requires a minimum knowledge of local market’s peculiarities, as well as the kind of operations planned to do, since any bank is specialized in different fields, providing specific conditions for certain services.

Another aspect to be considered is the kind of currency to use, and consequently a bank that can adequately support you. Then you’ve to choose the credit institute offering the best conditions between operating costs and interests, manageable at any time also by your pc or mobile device.

aprire un conto offshore in svizzera

Recurring to a professional in the sector, you can find out how to open an offshore account in Switzerland without problems as concerns fiscal and bureaucratic obligations. Anyway, opening an account in this country is legal and the banks have aligned with international standards, after the adoption of the OCSE measures.

Are you willing to find out the best Swiss banks to handle your money? Are you willing to open an offshore account in Switzerland for specific needs? Then,  contact our experts!