Switzerland has always been considered an economically stable and strong country, and therefore many people decide to bring their savings to Switzerland, and open a bank account in Switzerland even without residence, both personal and for their own company.


It should be borne in mind, however, that there are many banks in Switzerland, so it is important, before opening an account in Switzerland, to understand the costs and also to consider which Swiss bank should open an account. In order not to run into errors of various kinds, and in particular tax and bureaucratic should then rely on an expert professional in the sector, that can help you in choosing the bank that is right for you and the type of current account, as well as help you with the paperwork.


The ubs bank, for example, is one of the largest Swiss banks, internationally known and also allows you to open an account in Swiss online ubs through a dedicated app to download on your tablet or smartpohne and thanks to which you will be guided in the procedure for opening your account. You can then confirm your data via video call.


Swiss banks have adhered to OECD measures and have thus aligned themselves with international standards.
However, even if it is possible and legal to open an account by non-residents, a copy of the authenticated passport, the documentation of their economic situation and the traceability of the money that they deposit must be attached to the documentation to be sent to the bank, the documentation of its balance sheet, and often at least once require the physical presence of the client at the bank’s head office to proceed with the identification. Then you can open an account at the ubs in Switzerland but it becomes easier to do so if you are physically present at a branch. The ubs bank provides customers with various types of accounts, and a minimum deposit in Swiss francs is usually required. To be able to open an account in Swiss ubs without complications however it is better to ask for the help of an intermediary company in particular if you are not resident.

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