To open an offshore account in Dubai

Among the most popular jurisdictions in the world of companies and tax havens, Dubai is a reference point to make offshore investments in the Arab area.

To open an offshore account is appreciated by those who want to deposit their savings in a stable country. Generally, United Arab Emirates allow to benefit from some particularly favorable laws to the world investors, for example to open easily an IBC and related offshore business account.

conto corrente a Dubai

A foreign current account in the Arab Emirates can be held in all the main currencies and used for tax optimization,  if made it out to an offshore company.
To open an offshore account in Dubai, you’re supposed to know the customary practices required in the credit institutions.
A professional will render the procedure easier and faster.
Lately, also Dubai has decided to align itself with OCSE international standards, thus being inserted in white list.

For this Dubai holds a prominent place in the international financial sector.  In this way it’s easy to choose the banking institution to open your personal or business account, as well as to conduct your businesses, to increase incomes, due to tax optimization that Dubai makes available to international entrepreneurs.

aprire un conto offshore

Are you willing to open an offshore account in Dubai and move your funds inside one of the worldwide best offshore jurisdictions?
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