To open an Offshore account in Luxembourg banks

According to your company needs in terms of international tax planning, you can choose to open an offshore account in Luxembourg. This country jurisdiction would allow to optimize your tax burden, especially if you own a big offshore company. In Luxembourg banks, as happens in any countries, you can spot some peculiarities, services and products devoted to specific customers. In the choice of a financial institution one has to consider the essential needs to be satisfied. In Luxembourg the banks make available to their customers a top-quality consultation, the expertise of professionals, used to work on the world markets.

aprire un conto offshore in Lussemburgo

This country, for its belongingness to the EU, gives many valid options for account opening, and renders available an easy access to the EU financial market as well as ensures a good support to handle transactions both in European and foreign currency. The choice of opening an offshore account in Luxembourg is thus a matter of knowledge of the various available services when depositing funds in loco. In fact, this European country has adhered to the OCSE international standards as for data exchange among the countries.

Luxembourg banks are not subjected to any restrictions.
Moreover, by using ad hoc legal structures, you can take advantage from the many conventions against double imposition that the Grand Dukedom has agreed with many countries, to reduce consistently tax burden.  Furthermore, Luxembourg banks offer services in the main languages to conduct businesses, granting banking secrecy in your country of residence or your company’s.

aprire un conto offshore

Are you looking for more details on the benefits of an offshore account in Luxembourg? Are you in search of a reliable partner as introducer to the possibilities offered by this tax haven? Do not hesitate to contact us: our experts are at your disposal.