To open an offshore account is fully legal. Anyone, of age, can open it both in EU and extra EU countries. The funds are part of one’s movable assets and can be invested anyhow and anywhere without limitations, but in legal way. Opening an offshore account requires the respect of legislation in force both in your country of tax domicile and in the country chosen to save funds. One of the most appealing foreign countries is surely England. In fact, it offers many advantages for those who bring their activities and patrimony in the country, both resident and non.


the British market has agreed with the main markets in the world on a great number of conventions against double impositions. For this reason, many businessmen choose English banks to open current accounts for different kinds of business. When you opt for depositing your funds in a foreign jurisdiction, the bank current account allows transactions at global level, without problems arising from black list et similia.

Sometimes this solution could be suitable for natural persons, while in other cases, for companies: e.g. the choice of starting a banking relationship in UK can be dictated by the need to equip your Ltd company with the best support for the handling of money between customers and suppliers. The opening of a current account in England for non-residents ensures a full operativity. It reveals more advantageous due to the fact that English financial centre enjoys a notable impact at global level, can guarantee the best service for any needs, being such banks reference points for entrepreneurs.


L’elenco delle banche inglesi in Italia comprende oltre a Hsbc la banca Barclays e la Lloyd’s bank, che permettono ai correntisti di portare avanti le loro operazioni finanziarie online. Quello che è necessario tenere a mente è che anche se versare denaro su un conto offshore è perfettamente legale, le somme trasferite devono pervenire tramite il canale bancario (senza limite) o in contanti rispettando il limite fissato nell’esportazione in valuta. Tutte le banche citate sono tenute a osservare questa regola, che abbiano filiali in Italia o meno. Per questo motivo quando si versa del denaro in un conto offshore è opportuno conoscere tutti gli aspetti legati all’operazione. In caso di controlli, bisogna risultare preparati e disporre della documentazione necessaria a dimostrazione della regolarità e della trasparenza delle operazioni.


You can open an offshore account via web, thanks to online English banks. For more safety, you can also rely on intermediary agencies that work physically in England and can aid remotely.

Anyway, English online banks offer many advantages, e.g. unlimited withdrawal with no fees, and the security of the online account. England is the preferred country for business, London is the core metropole of the trading route. For all this, to open an online offshore account in this country is the right choice.

aprire un conto offshore a Londra

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