How to open an offshore company in Azerbaijan


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Strategic hub between Europe and Asia, Azerbaijan enjoys a perfect geographical position, a crossing point between two continents, along the ancient Silk Road. In the light of the significant investment programs financed by Azerbaijani Government and SOFAZ sovereign wealth fund, the opportunities for the enterprises are considerable. The country is also playing a central role for energy supplies routes, both in the oil and gas industry.

In the last few years, Azerbaijan has gradually seen the improvement of its legal system for investment activities, through various rules for the liberalization of company management and bureaucratic simplification. In this way, Azerbaijan has become one of the countries of the former URSS with the highest growth rates.

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Offshore company: open your company abroad and cut off the burden of taxes.

A company can work in Azerbaijan from the registration in the State records, whose procedure is currently carried out by the Ministry of Taxes. From 2008 onwards, a new One-stop shop of company registration is active, handled in one-stop-shop mode.  The one-stop shop issues an extract of the State record and assigns a unique tax code within three days from the presentation of the required documents for the opening of an offshore company, with the exception of State registration, no other generic authorization is allowed.

There are different kinds of incorporation of a legal entity or company in Azerbaijan. Above the common translation and legal requirements, there are no specific norms for the opening of an offshore company by foreigners. In fact, it’s possible to start an activity in Azerbaijan with 100% of foreign investment or in the form of joint-venture with a local partner. There are no specific requirements for the format of shares, nor legal limitations for the foreign share within a company and an investment, except for specific cases, like the production of alcoholic drinks.

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The State tax for the registration of banks, stock exchanges, insurance companies, representatives and branches of foreign legal entities is 220 AZN, while for the registration of legal entities in the agricultural sector the tax is up to 3 AZN and 11 AZN for all the other entities. Azerbaijan law recognizes the following kinds of company:

  • General Partnership– Snc (General Partnership – GP),
  • Limited Partnership– Sas (Limited Partnership – LP),
  • Limited Liability Company – Srl (Limited Liability Company – LLC),
  • Additional Liability Company– (Additional Liability Company – ALC),
  • Joint-Stock Company(open or closed type) – Spa (Joint-Stock Company – JSC).

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