Many Italian entrepreneurs prefer to open companies abroad in countries with tax advantages for the enterprises, choosing to administer an english company joined to an activity in Italy. This allows to benefit from all the advantages offered by a country to foreign enterprises operating in Italy.

The preferred kind of company is English Ltd working in Italy. It is very common in England and can become a secondary company site subordinate to a primary activity in Italy. This type of company is the simplest to create. It takes short time for the constitution, a low share capital, with no requirements of ledgers up to a maximum of 79.000 pounds of turnover. Moreover, it can be administered from Italy with a director and nominee shareholder in loco.


This company will pay VAT as an Italian Srl. Obviously, if it was registered in a foreign country should open VAT number in that country. Ltd is normally taxed at 20%, the lowest tax rate in Europe. If it’s located in Italy you’re supposed to pay taxes also to the Italian Revenue to avoid tax inversion. Instead, if a branch of foreign company is opened in Italy as a secondary English company working in Italy, you can manage the company in full legality and move the operating results to the English mother company with no additional taxation. You can enjoy tax relief even if the company, joined to Italian activity, shares 100% in the Italian Srl.

aprire un conto offshore a Londra

Should you need more details about the advantages offered by a foreign company tied to Italy, do not hesitate to contact our experts.