Are you willing to move your funds abroad? The banking passport grants you the necessary anonymity and protection in the era of the strict measures as for security. For this it’s very advantageous a second passport that allows you to have an offshore account, without revealing your nationality.

In the West world you cannot easily move your funds abroad. For this reason, many countries are adopting major restrictions for citizens that try to open an offshore account. USA, for example, threaten foreign banks to the point that it is impossible for American citizens to hold offshore accounts, by the ratification of FACTA agreements.

Today governments buy also the lists of stolen data of offshore banks’ users: thus, the benefits from having a second passport are noticeable. An account opened with a second legal passport, will always figure out with its second nationality. Then, if you open a bank account with a second passport, other countries’ governments won’t be able to discover it.

Personal accounts- opened with passports of jurisdictions connoted by aggressive fiscal authorities- are not safe since the account holder’s name appears if you require fiscal assistance. The best way to keep safe your identity is to open a business offshore account with a second legal passport. This will ensure that your country’s authority will not be able to identify you, since in case of investigation they’ll only find a business account with the identity of another country’s resident.

The best countries where to get a banking passport are the so-called countries “developing” or tax havens, as e.g. Dominican Republic. Generally, these passports are relatively cheap and easy to make up.  Moreover, these countries offer a major anonymity and have no purpose to release information about your banking accounts that for more security can be opened in a third country. Most important, make sure to get a banking passport in a country that has no ties with drug trade or terrorism.

Offshore banks offer greater security than on-shore national banks in the account opening and placement of capitals, without the risk of your governments’ controls. Should you need a banking passport, do not hesitate to contact us.