Every company, independently from its size, should always keep updated its bookkeeping, also that of its offshore accounts. Despite being this subject often superficially treated, actually, a company bookkeeping contributes to its success in many ways. For example, a correct and linear bookkeeping can be useful to apply for funding and subsidies, as well as to carry out favorable negotiations. In this way, your corporate image will look like as serious and flawless organization.

Tax management and bookkeeping
Professionalism and accuracy are the main aspects that characterize the team of BSD expert accountant. The highly qualified personnel are in London and will take on management and bookkeeping, also in relation to your offshore accounts.


Annual Bookkeeping
You can rely on our accountants that will take personally care of the calculations for the company tax declaration, and will take charge also of tax compliances and accounting in relation to dormant companies. These financial documents will be filled and consigned to the Companies House, that’s the register of companies, HMRC.

Accounting records keeping and VAT Declaration
VAT (VALUE ADDED TAX) is one of the bureaucratic aspects that mostly worries people.  With the help of our accredited consultants and accountants, you can find all the answers to your questions: from the choice of the VAT for your company to the indication of the VAT to be paid, if you aim to start a business outside UK.

Company Tax Declaration
This fiscal document is supposed to be correctly filled in and sent to the competent office (HMRC) within 9 months from the end of the fiscal year. For its compilation, you can rely on ACCA accredited accountants that will draw up the document and will forward it to the authority in charge in due time.

Personal income declaration
Every person is subject to the above-mentioned personal income declaration, that’s a form of imposition that concerns exclusively natural person, and impose taxes payment on global incomes, in UK, if resident in the country. StartUp One Ltd will provide you with a consultation on incomes subject to double taxation, on taxes to pay in the resident country, and again about the dividend declaration issued in UK.

Tax Planning
With the help of our expert collaborators you can benefit from an internationally-skilled tax consultancy service. In this way you’ll be able to find the best solution to reduce tax burden. In this respect, with regard to your tax planning the most appropriate methods of business, corporate structures, the markets, and the jurisdictions will be analyzed.

Virtual Office
Working with an offshore company, and therefore with a foreign branch, involves owning an office, to receive the company documents and the communications. In this regard, we can offer a virtual office where is possible to send and keep your company documents in extreme safety. In this way you don’t have to take care of purchase or rent of a property to work.