One of the most important advantages of offshore companies, is to make available a very flexible context for your business, and a limited taxation (or even zero). However, often the use of IBC jurisdictions in black list can be an unproductive choice, for many bureaucratic reasons. The choice of opening a company in Ireland can be the best option to consider to avoid the limits posed by offshore companies as for the fiscal obligations, with increasing difficulties to work, and mainly, with additional costs not provided for the initial phase of tax planning. By opening an Irish Ltd company, you can benefit from a low taxation, with reasonable tax rates, with no concern for low reputation of the country of company incorporation, as well as enjoying the various international treaties and conventions against double impositions.

BSD service: Paradisi fiscali, conti esteri e apertura società all'estero

Furthermore, with an Irish company, you can also use regular European VAT number, with no worry for the recovery of added value tax during commercial transactions and triangulations, a great advantage for those who works inside European community. Many are the companies which are suitable for tax planning, but only few of them are flexible and reliable as a Ltd company opened in an onshore jurisdiction, with all the related advantages as for natural person.

The reason of opening a company in Ireland could be aimed at tax reliefs offered by this jurisdiction: e.g., within three years you can benefit from tax exemption if your startup does not reach every year a taxable income above 40.000 €. Anyway, ordinary taxation of an Irish Ltd company is at 12.5%, a tax rate undoubtedly moderate for those who wish to realize a tax optimization scheme inside EU without any law violation, by using an Irish company, a jurisdiction belonging to white list country.

BSD Service: paradiso fiscale conto corrente estero, società offshore

Are you thinking of changing your business and open a company in Ireland, with no risk of tax inversion? Are you willing to go through an Irish Ltd company?

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