Inside European Union you can benefit from favorable conditions to conduct your business: an interesting example is represented by the companies in Luxembourg, indeed located in this European country that, by reason of its status, can repair you from eventual negative consequences imposed through black lists. In terms of efficiency in the international corporate planning, this jurisdiction is often considered for those complex structures- especially the holdings-since they can enjoy particularly convenient legal conditions, with a tax system distinguished by progressive tax rates and some specific advantages. This European country, because of its belongingness to EU, allows the entrepreneurs to dispose a regular European VAT number to do their business, in consideration of the fact that in Luxembourg there is in force a system providing various tax rates for the added value tax, or also a tax exemption for some operations.

società offshore in un paradiso fiscale

Among the different kinds of companies that the Grand Dukedom renders available to the entrepreneurs for their businesses, the most popular ones surely belong to capital companies’ category, by SARL (comparable to LTD) and SA (comparable to PLC), used to plan and structure their businesses. Despite the country has chosen to adjust to international models promoted by OCSE, you’ve to consider how, to date, Luxembourg has not left completely its forms of privacy protection, at least for the companies of people resident inside the Grand Dukedom territory, for whom still exists banking secrecy.

Luxembourg companies, as for the famous holdings, thus are to all effects inserted inside a jurisdiction completely in line with international standards, even though offering their owners forms of tax savings, that render the country very appealing for investors that aim at managing their shares in loco. For this reason, the selection of the country must be made consciously, by considering firstly the available advantages and also avoiding wrongly made structures, and that could lead to tax audits or other administrative or also criminal procedures.

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