Are you planning a new business venture abroad? Are you thinking of opening in Switzerland tax haven your next offshore company, thus are you interested to be informed about the best kind of Swiss company with whom starting from scratch, by investing your capitals in a new project? If so, you should be aware of the advantages arising from opening an individual company in Switzerland, the smallest company structure you can work with, enjoying many advantages that the Helvetic jurisdiction renders available to these entrepreneurs, starting from the possibility of working also without VAT. In this tax haven, in fact, below a certain threshold level you can give up obtaining VAT number for your business, thus erasing this kind of bureaucracy from your company management obligation. This aspect is often unknown to those who wonder how to open an offshore company in Switzerland in order to gain benefits.

società offshore in un paradiso fiscale

Among the different kind of companies in the Confederation useable to create an activity, there are obviously the corporates that enables to work by limiting the personal risks incurred by the shareholders at the sole bestowal of share capital, thus protecting their personal patrimony against creditors. In the country there are many international firms, although it’s not an EU member. The confederation has signed such agreements that allow the country to trade with EU with no specific obstacles. Furthermore, another reason for opening in Switzerland an offshore company is also the availability of a great number of free trade agreements.

 Some entrepreneurs choose to constitute a Swiss company to enjoy the excellent market conditions, or also the very reasonable bureaucracy or the competitiveness of the country system: to open an individual company in Switzerland is the easiest way to start an activity without great endeavors, due to limited costs and reduced times. To open a company in Switzerland, differently from other jurisdictions, is surely a much more convenient option also for fiscal point of view, since you can benefit from several exemptions and advantages to facilitate business.

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Are you thinking of opening an offshore company in Switzerland, or an individual company through which to conduct your professional activity freely, enjoying the access to many markets, with a solid banking system able to support you in the international transactions? To know how to open a company in Switzerland conveniently, by getting the best advantages the country can make available or to choose the most suitable kind of Swiss company for your enterprise, do not hesitate to contact our consultants: they’ll offer you an accurate consultation in view of your personal exigencies.