Nowadays, the complex and onerous tax system in Italy leads many entrepreneurs to open company abroad in countries with tax advantages that grant saving and the possibility of increasing and developing their production. That’s why many decide to open an offshore company in Italy.


In order to act in correct and legal way it’s necessary to rely on brokerage houses and operators in the business that could support the entrepreneurs to open an offshore company in Italy easily.


It should be known that a company or an entrepreneur resident in Italy that opens a company abroad is supposed to pay taxes in his country of residence, on contribution base, in stages, based on the income. Differently, capital and land incomes have fix tax rates. On the companies the applied taxes are IRES, IREG, in case of companies with legal person, IRAP as well as ITF, IVIE, IVAFE, IVA (at 4%,10%,22%), and VIES.

For this, to open an offshore company in Italy it’d be useful to consult operators in the business through which to open an online offshore company, thus avoiding physical transfers abroad, possibly to open an abroad company current account or to sign documents and to be able to disentangle from legal and administrative procedures to work with the offshore company legally and save time and money with all the advantages from a foreign company.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further details about the opening of an offshore company in Italy. Our experts will be glad to lead you toward the most suitable solution for you and your needs.

società offshore in Italia