Many entrepreneurs choose frequently to open a Ltd company in Malta tax haven, by moving also their tax domicile to the island, in order to work easily and competitively, enjoying all the typical advantages, as a much more linear Revenue, low tax rates, that put at ease international entrepreneurs. Furthermore, business in Malta is ruled by simple laws, arising directly from English Common Law, that enhances the constitution of Ltd companies in Malta, also considering how they can work with no ties all over the world, due to the lack of retaliatory measures as black lists. Infact, it must be considered how a Maltese Ltd is a legal entity resident in a completely white list jurisdiction, or even, this kind of company can have a regular Vat number allocation to make commercial transactions in Europe and also abroad, thus rendering Malta offshore companies ideal for any kind of operation.

BSD Service: paradiso fiscale conto corrente estero, società offshore

Malta is fully-fledged among the offshore companies that agreed with a wide network of conventions against double impositions and free trade. This common type of corporate is employed to coordinate international business, considering how a Ltd can be used anywhere. As for the costs, the constitution of a Maltese company offers considerable savings if compared to other countries, with good banking affairs, thus rendering it very coveted for the affairs in Europe, also thanks to the fact that English is the official language in loco.

In Malta there are many tax advantages for the companies, with advantageous tax rates, thus rendering business in Malta much more convenient than other European jurisdictions, with a great operativity granted by its being an EU Member State. A Maltese Ltd can be used to create a reliable and efficient international planning, able to reduce the tax burden legally, enjoying all the benefits: in order to do this, you’ve to know CDI as well as other international treaties as applicable.

BSD service: Paradisi fiscali, conti esteri e apertura società all'estero

Business in Malta let you remove many bureaucratic obstacles, differently from other tax havens full of obligations. However, for the constitution of a company in Malta you’re supposed to observe some fundamental aspects, to avoid mistakes for your business. In order to know how best to benefit from a Maltese Ltd, you’ve to rely exclusively on professionals of the regulations in force, to avoid spending money uselessly by using an offshore company in Malta as if it were a legal person in a black list jurisdiction. For this, do not hesitate to contact our experts for a consultation.