European Union countries are generally distinguished by high taxation. In effect in the EU there are particularly convenient jurisdictions in terms of norms, from fiscal as well as bureaucratic perspective. Many wish to open an offshore company in Romania to reduce the costs and also to benefit from the tax laws, often more simple than classic jurisdictions’ ones, with a soft imposition and reasonable tax rates. Then, for its belonginess to European Union, you can freely work in all Member States with no limits. Particularly, you can use European Vat number to make triangulations, without bureaucratic difficulties.

società offshore in un paradiso fiscale

Romania is not entered in any black list, it’s one of the European tax havens in continuous growth, with expanding market, with available workforce and low labor cost, if compared to other countries.

Open an offshore company in Romania entails some specific analysis about work objectives as well as the future work plan, in the view of tax burden optimization, without bureaucratic limitations due to corporate structures of offshore countries.

This country is among onshore countries, useful for an entrepreneur that aims at being active worldly with no concerns arising from errors of assessment in the setting of your company as for tax affairs and site of administration.

BSD service: Paradisi fiscali, conti esteri e apertura società all'estero

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