In order to optimize the tax burden coming out from activities in high taxation countries, it’s important to spot a jurisdiction where to plan an ad hoc company constitution: among the many available in the world, the best choice is to recur to an offshore company in Dubai tax haven. Belonging to United Arab Emirates, this jurisdiction, in fact, renders a favorable context to your business, due to the fact it’s possible to find partners from all over the world, or even where you can benefit from a highly advantageous fiscal treatment. The choice of opening an offshore company in Dubai implies an accurate analysis of your business peculiarities, by referring to a professional in the field able to use the advantages provided by this jurisdiction, to avoid an ineffective international planning, with no real benefits.

società offshore a Dubai

Among the company types useful to reduce tax imposition, share companies, thought for the heading of any kind of assets as well as offshore current accounts, can ensure advantages in line with entrepreneur’s expectations. As for the legal requirements to open a company in Dubai, in this jurisdiction you can create offshore structures, taking advantages from free zones, or also by using companies to be qualified as on-shore.

With regard to offshore companies in Dubai, this jurisdiction is fully inserted in the international context and the country allows to make investments in any business context, by advanced services offered from financial industry. In some cases, the choice of establishing offshore companies in Dubai does not foreclose access to banking relations with operational institutes on the site as well as the purchase of properties within the same jurisdiction: however, to benefit also from these advantages, you are supposed to set up correctly the company constitution from the beginning.

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