There exist many European jurisdictions that, despite their belongingness to EU, nonetheless offer some advantages from operational and fiscal perspective, thanks to favorable norms. Among them there is also Bulgaria.

How can you get a good saving, by choosing to open a company in Bulgaria to be operative in this area? Firstly, you’ve to consider the fact that, among the different kinds of companies made available from this country, there exist some corporates that, for their peculiarities, are very convenient in view of starting a new business easily: to establish an offshore company in Bulgaria enables to inject less share capital and, then, to benefit from reduced tax rates.

This European country, through which you can make triangulations in any member state, by European vat number, requires a tax of 10% on profits of the companies, that in some specific areas spotted by Bulgarian government is reduced to 0%, while on the dividends for natural persons there is a tax of 5%.

consulenza per aprire una società offshore in Bulgaria

Interestingly, companies located in other member states can be exempted from payment of dividend tax in Bulgaria. This is a very interesting aspect for those who aim at working in this country controlling their company by means of a holding made up by a favorable jurisdiction to this kind of offshore company.

In order to optimize their work from this point of view as well, it’s fundamental to refer to someone who knows deeply the country laws and its international treaties, so that the choice of opening an offshore company in Bulgaria can reward the investors through a reduction of tax burden on their activity.

Anyway, before establishing a company in Bulgaria, you have to carefully consider what purpose this company will serve, to avoid to employee resources to get a corporate structure that results to be little flexible and useful for your needs, and on the contrary to have useless costs for your mother company.

By the access to the European market, that’s the possibility of using many treaties for free trade and being able to take advantage from favorable conditions offered by the conventions against double imposition, you can consider this Eastern Europe country as ideal location to be operative with very reasonable costs.

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Are you thinking of opening a foreign company in Bulgaria to give life to a new business, or also, to try to reduce the costs of your current activity? Do not hesitate to contact us to ask to our expert collaborators for an individualized consultation: you can be informed of all the peculiarities rendered by this promising European jurisdiction.