In the world there are many kinds of companies, mainly for what concerns the category of corporates with whom you can work in simple and flexible way in the international scenario, thus increasing your business: but only in few jurisdictions you can get advantages comparable to the ones offered to whom decides to open a company in Delaware, known tax haven.

This country belonging to US, renders available many advantages ideal for international entrepreneurs in search of tax benefits, with no concerns for black list: that’s why the choice of opening a company in Delaware is the rightest one for those who do not want to be touched by tax bureaucratic problems. Despite benefitting- at certain conditions-of a very low level of taxation (even zero), Delaware companies do not appear at all in the lists of subject-to-restrictions jurisdictions and, on the contrary, can be used for the heading of movable properties, real estates and current accounts, with no limitations in their activity.

società offshore in un paradiso fiscale

This jurisdiction ensures high level of privacy, a feature surely appreciated by those entrepreneurs that wish to protect their interests completely, by choosing to open a company in Delaware- in particular LLC- through which you can avoid appearing in the publicly available registers. During the Incorporation phase with due care you can open a company in Delaware in full anonymity, except for the office of registered agent, that’s a figure subject to specific law obligations as for discretion, typical feature of this US country.

Many international groups have decided to establish a company in Delaware, due to the fact that in this jurisdiction you can have relevant tax optimizations, in full respect of current norms in the different countries, taking advantage from the good reputation of US in the global community. In order to gain as much benefits as possible from the choice of opening a company in this tax haven, you should rely on a professional consultation, able to show you the key aspects in the company management, and mainly, how to avoid to be charged of tax inversion.

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Get in touch with our staff and ask all the information, to realize if the choice of opening a company in Delaware is the best option for your tax optimization or heading of properties, movable and unmovable, in full respect of norms in force, at national and international level. Only in this way, your company in Delaware will let you work quietly, through the unique advantages granted by this jurisdiction.