How to re-domiciliate a company
At this point, probably you’ll be asking yourselves if this operation is easy to do: in practice, offshore company re-domiciliation  does not require a great endeavor, but can be easily and quickly made, without spending too much. There could be several reasons for relocating our own offshore company!

One could be that the laws of the country in which you’ve established your company change and so are not so advantageous for your business. Another reason could be the famous agreements for exchange of tax information with different European countries. The above mentioned are only some of the reasons for choosing to re-domiciliate a company from a country to another one.

The companies settled up in the USA are almost unworkable, due to the difficulties to open a bank account. For this one option could be re-domiciliation of the company, that will be operative only in 48-72 hours.

This operation amounts to € 2.600, including the new Director. The offshore company management costs 1.500 € per year, to pay after one year by the constitution of the original company onward.

To conclude the required documents are few:

Good Standing Certificate of the company
– Voluntary re-domiciliation Certificate (prepared by us)
– New Articles of the Statutes (prepared by us)