As for the matter of asset protection, it’s necessary to find solutions to better safeguard the real estates: real estate trust reveals to be the best answer.
This kind of contract- that inside Common Law- type jurisdictions- mainly in UK is very popular, enables to plan with flexibility the property, its management and enjoyment.
This kind of trust is the best solution by right to protect legally a specific property, and also to enjoy certain margins of freedom that in Civil Law-type jurisdictions, are not found.
With a correct contract planning, within a trust you can put a real estate, name an administrator for its management, and finally establish the real beneficiary of the trust.

Trust immobiliari con BSD Service

This specific scheme from one side alienates the asset from the settler, on the other side inhibits the administrator from becoming owner, and, what’s more, allows a third party to enjoy its benefits. Real estate trusts are widespread for houses and lands.
With the help of an expert consultant you can plan any aspects of the trust, in consideration of all the involved parties’ needs.
The personal patrimony injected into the contract, since it does not belong neither to the settler nor to the administrator, enables a real protection of the personal patrimony, even in case of housing foreclosure.

The house or land object of the trust are not anymore an element of income or net worth of the settler, thus distinguishing neatly his properties from all the rest.
From this perspective, the Trust, integral part of Common Law systems and with Aja Convention of 1985 recognized also in Civil Law jurisdictions, comes out as a real resource in private field.

Are you considering the idea of real estate trust, in order to protect your assets, and to ensure wider margin of maneuver in terms of inheritance matters or anyway linked to Family Law? Ask for a consultation soon to go through the matter: we’ll find with you the best solution to your problems.