Main Characteristics

Kind of companyInternational company(IBC)
Legislation and authorityBahamas companies  are regulated in accordance with IBC ACT 200, while the “Security Commission of the Bahamas” is the reference authority of the country
Information about company directorsOn public records company directors’names are reported. Anyway, there is the possibility of using the figure of nominee, to safeguard their anonymity
PrivacyFully guaranteed
Account dutiesBookkeeping not requested
TaxactionNo taxes
Legislazione:Legislazione offshore moderna.
Standard currencyUS $.
Time of ConstitutionBahamas Registry Office well-functioning
StabilityStable Jurisdiction
ComunicationsGood means of communications
Time zoneGMT-5
Secretary obligationsNot necessary
Legal system of referenceCommon Law
Capital to payMinimum capital to pay amount to 50.000$
minimum number of Directors/ShareholdersAt least 1 director/Shareholder
Shares to the bearerNot allowed
Costs € 1950 for company constitution – € 1400/ per year for its maintenance