Corporate income15%
Personal income20%
Importation0% – 5% – 12%
AxciseFew goods
Property taxUp to 1%

Georgia is a low-tax country and with a transparent tax system. Tax and customs systems are unified under the same tax code and tax exemption as well as supervision are managed by National Tax Service. All the procedures of tax administration and clearance are online. Personal income tax for interests, dividends and royalties is only of 5%.  In Georgia there is not taxation on: paycheck, social security, capital gain, patrimony or heritage. According to free trade Law, the government cannot increase national taxation (except for excises) or the number of taxes without holding a referendum. Georgia tax haven has adopted treaties with 47 countries against double taxation. The country has no restrictions about currency convertibility or the return of capitals and profits.Georgia has no tariff as well as non-tariff barriers. The conclusion of Free Trade Agreement with UE will progressively lead to the dismantling of existing tariff barriers among the exchanged goods.