Main characteristics

Kind of companyLimited Company
Legislation and authorityThe Hong Kong Company Registry is the authority that regulates the companies born in this country, according to the “Hong Kong Companies Ordinance 1984”
Information about company directorsCompany directors’ names are registered, but it’s possible to usr a nominee for privacy
PrivacyFully guaranteed
Accounting dutiesRequired, but not publicly accesible
TaxationForeign profits are not taxed
Standard currencyHK $, but any currency is accepted for capital
FinanceHong Kong is an important financial center
StabilityStable and well-known jurisdiction
ComunicationsGood means of communications
Time zoneGMT+8.
Secretary obligationsYes
Legal system of referenceCommon Law.
Capital to payNo minimum capital is required (1 $).
Minimum number of directors/shareholdersAt least 1 Director
Shares to the bearerShares to the bearer not allowed
CostsTariffs:  € 2950 for company constitution – € 1450/year for its maintenance


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