Among the most competitive European countries as for taxation there is UK, a tax haven based on Common Law jurisdiction, that implies many advantages. Anyway, to benefit from UK taxation, distinguished for its low tax rate, you’re supposed to get UK residence. Many people are trying to get abroad tax domicile to pay taxes in London, in order to reduce tax burden in relation to their business activity, or even eventual incomes arising from assets owned out of this jurisdiction.

UK is the ideal place to work also on account of financial industry development, very competitive and with international ties, providing an operativity with no restrictions, differently from black list jurisdictions.  As consequence of the extensive network of agreements in the tax matters by UK, as conventions against double taxation, it’s possible to plan an international business with no risks.

BSD service: Paradisi fiscali, conti esteri e apertura società all'estero

By UK residence, you can avoid complex bureaucratic procedures, typical in other jurisdictions- like mainland civil laws- able to focus on your company growth, benefitting also from the UK moderate taxation, with highly advantageous rates for UK ltd companies, considering the wide domiciliation of activities (also foreign) that wish to pay taxes in London.
In order to optimize the tax burden in legal way, to avoid being object of tax inversion enquiries or similar, it’s necessary to get a specific consultation, to correctly move one’s residence in UK, with no risk of Revenue Agency investigation.

In order to benefit from UK tax system for one’s business, the company is supposed to be concretely managed inside UK jurisdiction, otherwise there is the risk of tax evasion.
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BSD Service: paradiso fiscale conto corrente estero, società offshore