Among EU Member States, Malta is a tax haven for different reasons, mainly as for tax laws, with very interesting rates, rendering the island one of the most advantageous European countries from fiscal point of view.

As this jurisdiction has adhered to international standard for tax information exchange, it is no more considered a tax evasion hub. If you acquire residence in Malta, you can benefit from its profitable tax system.

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The island has adopted the internationally-recognized tax news, switching in few years from a black list territory to a fully cooperative country, with the result that you can establish your business over there with no risk of legal problems.

The jurisdiction allows tax reduction and simplified bureaucracy, with a lean and simple administrative procedure, as liquidation of one’s business.

According to an English model-based Law, by having company tax domicile in Malta, taxation allows natural persons to benefit from lesser progressive tax rate, at the same time, reducing taxes on profits.

Most important, the country belongs to the European Union, with all its advantages, as for VAT management. Malta moderate taxation is not the result of an isolationist policy but it is a feature of a system for which it’s a tax haven in the white list of European Union.

Obviously in order to work well you’re supposed to open a current account in one of Maltese banks.

In fact, few other countries (not inserted in black lists) can offer the same advantages as residence in Malta for natural persons and companies, in terms of taxation, simple bureaucracy, and the use of CDI to reduce tax burden in international affairs.

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