Montecarlo is the tax haven par excellence in the collective imagination of different generations, also on the ground that the small European country, over the years has attracted people from all over the world for business opportunities and, mainly, for the tax benefits of this jurisdiction that for years has been in black list.

In reference to the Principality, the times of tax shield and judicial repatriation of capitals are a distant memory, also for the fact that the country is no more considered a reference point for the tax evasion procedures, after the signature of the data exchange agreements in accordance with OCSE standard.

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Despite cooperative policy with other countries in fiscal matters as well as all the tax news introduced, this jurisdiction has nonetheless kept a certain margin of maneuver allowing many tax advantages

Monte Carlo fame as tax haven is more the result of media narration than real motivations within the laws of the Principality, where there are benefits on revenue arising from abroad activities of natural persons resident in the country.

Differently, in other contexts the country has not adopted the same laws as other offshore oasis, despite the many advantages for natural persons that can benefit from tax relief for different kinds of income and also for capital gain.

For the companies, instead, the Principality has introduced some conditions: if the out-of-jurisdiction activities constitutes over a quarter of incomes, the legal persons will be charged with a specific tax rate, rather than the ordinary taxation on business gains.

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For this reason, it’s necessary a thorough consultation by experts in local as well as international laws, to fully benefit from tax exemptions and benefits provided in the Principality for those who make an international entrepreneurial activity.

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