Main characteristics

Kind of companyAnonymous company or Limited Liability Company
Register of companiesSurveillance authority in any cantons is the register of Commerce, with direct control over companies
Information about company directorsBy internet research you can consult the list of Directors that appears in the public register. In this specific case, also shareholders’names are available
PrivacyFully guaranted, shareholders are anonymous
Accounting dutiesAnnual bookkeeping is compulsory, but not audit
TaxationRate of 9% for out of borders businesses, in other cases the rate is between 20 and 30% on gains
LegislationCivil Law
standard currencyCHF
Time for constitutionAt least 1 week
StabilityStable and well-known jurisdiction
CommunicationsGood means of communication
Time zoneGMT+1
Capital to payCHF 50.000(Anonymous company) –  CHF 20.000(Limited Liability Company)
Minimum number of Directors/ShareholdersAt least 1 Director/Shareholder
Shares to the bearerAllowed
Costs€ 6000 for constitution – €3500/year for its maintenance