Not only in the Ocean islands, but also in European area you can find territories like Luxembourg, a real EU tax haven ,that gives many tax profits.
Previously, Luxembourg tax haven was listed among territories with no enough fiscal transparency from many jurisdictions and has allowed the use of tax shield to repatriate or disclose the incomes from this country member of EU.

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By the change of guidelines in national politics that has adhered to international standards of data exchange in fiscal matters, the country has repositioned itself differently in terms of advantageous jurisdiction both for business activities and natural persons.

Actually, the tax news introduced by law amendments in the European country, have not completely erased the enjoyable advantages, if you rely on a professional able to adequately plan your corporate structure, in compliance with the norms.

Many entrepreneurs, as a consequence of rough suggestions or autonomous choices, set up wrongly their international organization, so that it could become object of investigation in matter of fiscal evasion, with all the penal and administrative consequences of the case.

Luxembourg as tax haven can be framed in the white list jurisdictions that, by a detailed planning can help to establish tax relief companies, always in respect of current laws.

BSD Service: paradiso fiscale conto corrente estero, società offshore

Note that Luxembourg is part of EU, so in the international business activities having a company based in, you can enjoy Member State status, with all the related VAT advantages. Are you in search of peculiarities of Luxembourg as white list tax haven within EU?

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