Main characteristics

Kind of companyS.A
Legislation and authorityThe commercial Code of Costa Rica regulates all tha companies here born, while the Public Register of Costa Rica figures out as reference authority for the same companies.
Information about company directorsDirectors’ names are typed out of public registers. Upon request. you can take use of a nominee. Shareholders’ names are not published
Accounting dutiesAnnual tax return is compulsory, to be presented to the local authorities, even in case of income 0
TaxationWith income 0, no taxtion required
Standard currencyUS $.
Time of constitutionEfficient and quick Registry Office
StabilityHighly stable jurisdiction
ComunicationsGood means of communication
Time zoneGMT-6.
Secretary obligationsYes
Legal system of referenceCivil Law.
Capital to payAt least 20 $.
Minimum number of Directors/ShareholdersFor Limited Liability Companies at least 1 director
Shares to the bearerNot provided
Costs€1500 for company constitution – €900 for the following years(renewal fee)(with exclusion of bookkeeping and taxes)

As for offshore bank accounts or abroad company in tax havens, corporate structure is fundamental in view of tax optimization, to avoid tax evasion, object of attention of many countries. Costa Rica is thus a tax haven since herein IBCs are properly constituted, avoiding their management from the residence country, as well as making mistakes that could cause problems with the Revenue in the home country.

Costa Rica tax system, favorable to entrepreneurships and acting as tax shield against encroachments of fiscal administrations, allows working easily with no attention to tax news of home country jurisdiction.

As you decide to open an offshore company in Costa Rica tax haven, to benefit from the Law, it’d be preferable paying attention to some aspects, like avoiding relevant commercial transactions, to maintain some privileges.

Above all, before proceeding with offshore personal or business account, it’d be useful to consult an expert who outlines a strategy to reduce tax burden and guarantees privacy.

Would you like to find out Costa Rica tax haven peculiarities as international entrepreneurs? Ask for a consultation to find out its characteristics, and how to benefit from its norms to start a competitive business.