Main Characteristics

Kind of companyCompany (BC)
Legislation and authorityBVI companies are regulated according to the Business Companies Act 2004 and reference authority is BVI Financial Service Commission
Information about company directorsThere is not a public register with company directors’ names
privacyFully guaranteed
Accounting dutiesNo obligation of bookkeeping
TaxationNo taxes
Standard currencyUS $
Time of ConstitutionWell-functioning Register Office
StabilityStable jurisdiction
CommunicationsGood means of communication
Time zoneGMT -4.
Secretary obligationsNot required
Legal system of referenceCommon Law.
Capital to payNo minimum capital required
Minimum number of Directors/ShareholdersAt least 1 Director/Shareholder
Share to the bearerShare to the bearer not allowed
CostsTariffs: € 1.090 for company constitution – € 890/ year for its maintenance