Trust Companies in Panama

This kind of company in Panama is characterized as a para-banking structure: trust companies are equipped with a bank fee license and can be used to make operations of financial intermediation with third parties’ capitals. In Panama tax haven the trust relationship with these companies requires a mandatory agreement with whom the settler (assets’ owner) entrusts the trustee company to administer his assets or accounts in Panama’s banks.

Here following we report the costs of the single operations:

Estimation of the operation’s costs:

  • USD 1.000 Fee for Panama Banking Authority.
  • USD 9.000 For stipulation of insurance at 4% with coverage of USD 225.000.

Monthly costs:

  • USD 1,000 Salary for qualified official, with a five-year experience in bank.
  • USD 250 four-months balance written by a licensed accountant.
  • USD 200 Monthly fees on the license.
  • USD 500 Advertising.
  • USD 500 – 1000 Office rental.

Deposit required:

  • USD 100.000 for the capital.
  • USD 250.000 to be kept at the Banco Nacional de Panama, of which 225.000 will be allocated to guarantee and 25.000 as real deposit.


  • USD 35.000.

If you need trust services, we suggest you to visit the page dedicated to the service.