servizi fiduciari per il tuo conto corrente estero

Trust Services for your abroad  current account

According to the law, any lawyer in Panama tax haven can act as trustee. The relationship that is established between customer and trustee has always to be ruled by an agreement, so that the trustee can manage and administer the assets, abroad current account,
credit or debit cards, e-commerce accounts, gambling accounts, web dominions, web hosting, phone numbers of any countries, and so on.

Obviously, it’ll be up to the customers to give indications to identify the final beneficiary of trust service, reporting also the origin of eventual funds.

Should the customer’s activity not be clear from the beginning or should arise problems about the necessary information to evaluate the required trust service/s, we may reserve to deny the trust service.

For any specific case, we are able to establish a starting price, from 300 €/year. If you need a trust service/s for your abroad current account, we are at your complete disposal for a consultation. Get in touch with us.